Black And White: The Dawn Of Justice 2014

Black and White: The Dawn of Justice 2014


In the first film, the comic-foil reins were handled by Xu Da-fu (mainland comedian Huang Bo, also starring in the current comedy hit “Breakup Buddies”), a benign crook whose friendship with Wu was firmly if secretly cemented by the time “The Dawn of Assault” reached its endgame. A little Huang goes a long way, and Xu is back in a happily more limited capacity this time, shouting up a storm with dynamite strapped to his chest before taking a well-earned break for most of the film’s remainder. That leaves Wu and Chen to search for Xu’s imperiled wife, Xiao-qing, whose unborn child is being used to nefarious ends by a fearsome criminal mastermind. Soon our detectives find themselves forced to make some sadistically impossible decisions — like, whether or not to save the innocent hostages who are about to be blown sky-high, when rescuing them might mean the endangerment of countless more lives.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre:Action; Crime; Drama;


Mark Chao (1984), Kenny Lin (1988), Janine Chang (1982), Terri Kwan (1976), Xiu Jie Kai (1983), Christopher Lee (1971), Jason Tsou (1980), Bextiyar Gülnezer (1992), Chin Shih Chieh (1951), Tang Zhi Wei (1961), Kan Ti Men (1943)

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